Belgian ambassador's wife claims diplomatic immunity after slapping a Seoul store assistant

Xiang Xueqiu, the wife of Belgium's ambassador to South Korea, got into an altercation with store staff in Seoul on April 9, 2021.

Seoul, South Korea (CNN)The wife of Belgium's ambassador to South Korea is exercising her diplomatic immunity to avoid charges for allegedly slapping a store assistant in April, police said Tuesday.

Ambassador Peter Lescouhier previously apologized on behalf of his wife, Xiang Xueqiu, saying she "might have had her reasons to be angry at the way she was treated in that shop, but committing physical violence is totally unacceptable."
"She sincerely regrets it and she wants to offer her apologies in person to the shopkeeper when she gets the opportunity to do so," Lescouhier said in a video uploaded to Instagram last week, adding his wife was "cooperating actively with the police."