Parents, students angered after 80 yearbook photos of female students are altered to mask cleavage

Freshman Riley O'Keefe's yearbook photo was edited to cover more of her chest. Dozens of other female students' images were also altered.

(CNN)Flipping open a yearbook for the first time is normally a moment full of excitement -- but at one Florida high school, some students were left in shock after seeing that their yearbook portraits had been edited.

When Bartram Trail High School freshman Riley O'Keefe saw her yearbook photo, she noticed a black bar was added to cover more of her breasts.
"I couldn't believe that they printed the yearbook looking like that," O'Keefe, 15, told CNN. "And then I started to flip through the yearbook and saw more and more girls with their chest edited."
She texted her mother a photo of it on Wednesday from the school in St. Johns, Florida.