Here are 100 things to do this summer with or without kids

Updated 0600 GMT (1400 HKT) May 29, 2021

(CNN)As those who are vaccinated peek out beyond our masks, people are looking for a return to summers past in 2021.

Many are trying to book summer camps, find out whether pools are open, plan vacations and fill out out calendars with family and friends. And do we need backup plans in case there are coronavirus hot spots that shut down parts of the country?
But life is opening back up in many US cities. The summer of 2021 is not the summer of 2020, when the weeks ahead were filled with too much work or loss of work, lack of childcare, hunger, and more struggles. For some, those struggles are still real.
There really is joy to be had as we reconnect with loved ones, and we need that connection. Some of our fun can be the same as last year: We can connect with family and friends, get outside to enjoy nature, play silly games; and find ways to do good and express gratitude for others, including the first responders and frontline workers who have saved so many.

Make your summer 2021 list

Write down a list of activities you and your family want to do this summer. Number your list from one to however far you get, and maybe even write it down on actual paper.
This is not a homework assignment. It's about finding the joy that still exists inside you after more than a year of pandemic life — kids and adults alike. Get the first few ideas out. Now keep going, because that's when the ideas get ridiculous and really fun.
Want to walk on the moon? Write it down. Want to make your own movie? Write it down. Want to use all those wacky kitchen devices you have never removed from their boxes? Time to write those ideas down.
No, you can't actually fly to outer space right now, but you could stargaze at night and track the progress of NASA's Perseverance rover and Ingenuity helicopter on Mars.
My kid is deep into softball and gave me a glove for my birthday. We're breaking it in whenever we want, well, a break, replacing nightly walks with nightly softball lessons. The tables turn: It turns out I know how to catch a ball (and I respond better to positive teaching methods).

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