An Uber Eats driving mom wins $250,000 in the lottery

The Maryland Lottery says "Grateful Mom" of Odenton was between Uber Eats deliveries when she scratched off the winning ticket.

(CNN)For those that think their luck's against them, never say never. A Maryland Uber Eats driver and mother of five is sitting pretty after buying a scratch-off lottery ticket for $250,000 a few weeks ago.

The winner, going by "Grateful Mom" to remain anonymous, was sitting in her car waiting for her next delivery when she realized she scratched off the winning ticket.
"Man, I was sitting in that car going crazy!" the winner detailed to the Maryland Lottery. "I checked it with my app and saw it was for $250,000."
Within seconds of her realization, the Uber Eats app buzzed.
"I said, 'I don't want to do Uber Eats right now!'" she exclaimed.
'Grateful Mom,' 47, won the prize through a single play of the "CASH" scratch-off game, a $10 ticket with a top prize of $250,000.
According to the story from the Maryland Lottery, the Anne Arundel County resident is a frequent player of other scratch-offs, but typically limits her ticket purchasing to two or three instant tickets in a row, often playing in between Uber Eats deliveries.
In this particular case, things were slightly different.
"Grateful Mom" made a stop at Quick Save Mart and used the Maryland Lottery app to see her chances of winning on other types of tickets -- that's when the $10 "CASH" game caught her eye. She used other low-dollar winning tickets to cash out and purchase the $250,000 scratch-off.
It was a last-minute move that paid off.
Though she's won small prizes here and there in the past, including a not-too-shabby $1,500, the quarter of a million dollars was by far her largest return.
"Grateful Mom" plans on using the winnings to settle some bills, provide financial support to her kids as well as put a down payment on a house.