Fans  listen to a musical performance at Coors Field after the ninth inning of Sunday's game.
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Following an investigation, the Colorado Rockies have backtracked after accusing a fan of saying a racial slur, concluding the man instead was calling out the name of the team’s mascot.

“After a thorough investigation that included calls, emails and video clips from concerned fans, media and broadcast partners, the Colorado Rockies have concluded that the fan was indeed yelling for Rockies mascot Dinger in hopes of getting his attention for a photo, and there was never any racial slur that occurred,” the team said in a statement.

On Sunday, the Rockies said the organization was “disgusted at the racial slur by a fan directed at the Marlins’ Lewis Brinson during the ninth inning” of Sunday’s game. Brinson, who is Black, was batting at the time when television broadcasts picked up audio of the fan.

“The Rockies remain dedicated to providing an inclusive environment for all fans, players and guests at Coors Field, and any fan using derogatory language of any kind will be ejected from Coors Field,” the statement said.

On Monday, the Rockies’ Twitter account retweeted a post from an reporter that “apologies come from the team” for the accusation.

According to a Rockies spokesman, Cory Little, no one on the field heard a vile comment, CNN affiliate KUSA reported.

A Marlins spokesman told The Associated Press that “neither Lewis, nor any other Marlins on the field or in the dugout, heard what was shouted.”

“We brought the matter to the attention of the Rockies. How the matter is being handled, I would have to defer to them.”

Neither the Miami Marlins nor Major League Baseball have responded to CNN’s requests for comment.

The Rockies beat the Marlins 13 -8 in Sunday’s game.