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A Facebook whistleblower has helped renew concerns that some parents have likely had for years: what impact social media is having on their kids.

Frances Haugen, a 37-year-old former Facebook product manager, testified this week that the company’s algorithms can push young Instagram users toward harmful content, such as posts promoting eating disorders, and highlighted the lasting effects of bullying that occur on the platform. These issues, she said, pose unique challenges for a generation of younger users – and their parents.

“Very rarely do you have one of these generational shifts where the generation that leads, like parents who guide their children, have such a different set of experiences that they don’t have the context to support their children in a safe way,” she testified Tuesday. “We need to support parents. If Facebook won’t protect the kids, we at least need to help the parents support the kids.”

If you are a parent concerned about the impact Instagram is having on your children, and your own struggles to deal with it, please share your family’s story below.