'I'm just trying to survive'

Updated 1128 GMT (1928 HKT) October 10, 2021

(CNN)His messages are a mix of uncertainty and terror -- with glimmers of hope.

He is gay, a convert to Christianity and a member of the Hazara ethnic minority -- three groups that have been historically persecuted by the Taliban.
The 32-year-old man went into hiding after the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan in August, cutting off communication with family back home and holing up in a Kabul basement with his younger brother. They spent their days reading and praying and venturing outside only for food.
With phones their sole connection to the outside world, he and his brother sent messages. Lots of messages. To activists and human rights organizations. To friends of friends who knew anyone who could help.
Their biggest fear: meeting a deadly fate at the hands of the Taliban, as their father did years ago.