World Kindness Day 2021: 25 ways to be kind today

Updated 0800 GMT (1600 HKT) November 13, 2021

(CNN)It's time to be kind.

It's World Kindness Day today, Saturday, November 13.
After more than a year of pandemic living, maybe it seems like there is no time to be kind. The world, however, needs your kindness more than ever. People are still dying from Covid-19 and others are hungry and living in war-torn countries. And young people are in the streets claiming adults aren't paying enough attention to the climate crisis.
There is time, and we'd need look no further than frontline workers still risking their lives every day to care for sick people, feed the hungry, teach our children and fight for our collective mental health. That's kindness.
"Selfless acts of kindness don't just help the person on the receiving end," said psychologist Lisa Damour, author of "Untangled" and "Under Pressure" and co-host of the "Ask Lisa" podcast, via email.
"Research finds that altruistic behavior activates the very same regions in the brain that are enlivened by rewards or pleasurable experiences.
"Remarkably, helping others also causes the brain to release hormones and protein-like molecules, known as neuropeptides, that lower stress and anxiety levels. Here's the bottom line: doing good is good for you."
Here are 25 ways to be kind to yourself, your family and community, and the planet today or any day.

Be kind to yourself