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Here's why some Ghanaian businesses are going green
04:57 - Source: CNN
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Across Ghana’s industries, from energy to agriculture, companies are using tech to go green. Earlier this year, the country’s government pledged to create up to $2 billion in green bonds, which it says will help pay for environmental priorities and pave the road to sustainability.

Meanwhile, companies such as Trashy Bags Africa have already been focused on an eco-friendly business model.

In a country that generates 1.1 million metric tons of plastic waste each year, the Accra-based company has turned over 40 million plastic sachets (small bags filled with drinking water) into products such as laptop covers, pencil cases and grocery bags since 2007.

“We are creating employment, and also saving our environment,” said Bright Biney, Trashy Bags country manager. “If it’s good for the planet, then it’s good for business.”

For more on Ghana’s growing shift toward eco-business, including challenges faced along the way, check out the video at the top of this page.