Lower your holiday stress with these 5 easy moves

Stephanie Mansour, host of "Step It Up With Steph" on PBS, demonstrates counter push-ups that you can fit in while baking holiday cookies.
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(CNN)Whether it be from the pressure of social demands or more physical causes like lack of sleep, it's normal to feel stress and become overwhelmed with added chores during this holiday season. However, there are ways to integrate exercise into our everyday lives without adding stress or anxiety.

If you tend to skip workouts over the holidays, you've got company. Research suggests that Americans tend to turn to eating and drinking during the holidays. A CNN poll in December 2014 found that 62% say they "indulge and eat what they want" during the holiday season, and a CBS News poll in December 2017 found that 20% of adults say they drink more alcoholic beverages during the holiday season. Even thinking about working out may seem stressful during a time when we're so busy.
Instead of stressing about squeezing in a workout, try these moves while doing your holiday activities. This way, when you're done with whatever it is you're doing -- shopping, meeting up with friends, doing laundry -- you can sit down, relax and feel a sense of accomplishment.
    Each move can be performed at home, and some can even be performed in public without anyone noticing. Try one or all of these five ways to turn your chore into a quick yet efficient workout.

      1. Calf raises in the kitchen

      Calf raises are super simple, which is what makes them the perfect move to practice in the kitchen when you're not able to focus on working out. All you have to do is stand with your feet hip-width apart, and lift your heels off the ground by pressing down into your toes.
      Shift your weight up and down, squeezing your calves as you go. Repeat 10 times.
        This move can be performed in between any kitchen task, so try squeezing in a couple of sets. Did you just put something in the microwave and need to wait for it to be ready? Squeeze in 10 calf raises!

        2. Counter push-ups while baking cookies

        Counter push-ups are a great way to incorporate an upper-body workout into your holiday baking. Place your hands on the edge of the counter and lean so that your feet are planted behind you.