6 creative ways to transform your workouts

Try relocating your workouts to a new spot for a change of pace.

(CNN)Most people know working out is good for your health, both physical and mental. But staying motivated -- especially for the long haul -- can be a struggle. Sure, you may get excited about training for a 5K or 10K, but once the race is over, your interest in running may quickly wane. Or you may be crazy about your new spin class, only to become tired of it after a few weeks.

Getting bored with exercise is normal. A recent study by the National Institutes of Health found boredom with sports activities is a prevalent emotion among amateur, college and even professional athletes.
People grow tired of their exercise routines because the body-mind unit is like a Jack Russell terrier, said Dr. Dan O'Neill, a sports psychologist and orthopaedic surgeon based in Plymouth, New Hampshire. "You need to always give it new challenges, new input, new ideas, new toys, new workout clothes -- new, new, new."
    This means varying your workouts is vital to staying motivated, O'Neill said. And now that the calendar has flipped to a brand-new year, it's the perfect time to inject some creativity into your exercise regimen. Here are six ways to get started.
      Important note: Before beginning any new exercise program, consult your doctor. Stop immediately if you experience pain.

      Create a word or image with your exercise route