A Lufthansa passenger plane lands in dense fog at Frankfurt Airport.
London CNN Business  — 

Major international airlines have resumed normal service after a slew of cancellations on Wednesday over fears the rollout of 5G mobile networks in the United States would compromise safety.

British Airways, Lufthansa (DLAKY), All Nippon, Japan Airlines (JAPSY) and Emirates all announced cancellations or changes to flights to the United States, but confirmed that no further cancellations were expected Thursday and that services were returning to normal.

Japan Airlines said in statement that it had “received confirmation from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) that there is no longer a problem with the operation of the Boeing 777” and that it would “resume service to the US mainland” as usual.

All Nippon, another Japanese carrier, said that flights starting Thursday would “follow the normal schedule based on the FAA notification that there is no safety issue.”