Rear view of various aircraft landing behind the runway lights in Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport in the Netherlands.
CNN  — 

Dutch authorities discovered a stowaway hiding in the nose wheel of a cargo plane when it landed at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport Sunday morning.

The man had been hiding for more than 11 hours since the plan departed from Johannesburg, South Africa, according to a spokesperson at Schiphol airport and police. While the individual was not identified, officials said he is believed to be between 16-35 years old.

“We learned that a person was found having stowed away on a cargo plane at the airport’s cargo platform, this morning,” Schiphol Airport spokeswoman Willemeike Koster told CNN. The Dutch Royal Military Police is handling the situation, Koster said.

Airport ground crew first spotted something that looked like a person and immediately notified authorities. Upon reaching the scene, Dutch police and emergency services confirmed the man was alive but with a low body temperature, Royal Dutch Military Police spokeswoman Joanne Helmonds said.

“We were surprised upon finding this man but even more surprised at him being alive after the plane flew over 10,000 [kilometers] in very, very cold temperatures,” Royal Dutch Military Police spokeswoman Joanne Helmonds told CNN.