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The build-up of Russian forces close to the Ukrainian border continues apace, with everything from submarines and amphibious landing ships in the Black Sea to short-range ballistic missiles, tanks and howitzers around Ukraine’s northeastern edges.

CNN has geolocated and authenticated social media videos of these movements – though there are likely many more that are not being observed.

Some of the videos come from official sources; most are from TikTok or YouTube. They are being analyzed by online observers and often complement satellite imagery.

Convoys near Belgorod

Here’s a convoy moving near Belgorod in western Russia, just across the border from the major Ukrainian city of Kharkiv:

There’s plenty of other evidence of the military build-up in the Belgorod region too.

CNN geolocated these videos at the village of Sereteno, about 15 miles (24 kilometers) from the border. They were uploaded on Sunday and show tanks moving through the area.

These videos can be geolocated to this spot:

Night-time movements

Russian forces are also moving at night in the area – with tanks being offloaded from trains.

There’s more snow here than further south – CNN geolocated this video to a village near Belgorod:

Tanks around Voronezh

The area around Voronezh also appears to be getting pretty crowded. A large collection of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles was filmed in the last couple of days from a passing train. According to analysts they are part of the Russian 1st Guards Tank Army.

And seen from other angles:

CNN has geolocated these clips to this spot: