trump FILE 09252021
CNN  — 

The Supreme Court said on Tuesday that it will not take up former President Donald Trump’s case challenging the disclosure of his White House documents to the House January 6 investigation, a formal conclusion to his unsuccessful bid to keep those records secret.

The court had previously rejected Trump’s emergency request to block the National Archives from turning over the materials while the court considered whether to take up the case. The documents Trump was trying to block in court are already in the hands of the House Select Committee investigating January 6.

Tuesday’s order – which included no further explanation of why the court was not taking up the case – means that the lower court decisions approving the release of the documents will stand.

The National Archives continues to process Trump-era presidential and vice-presidential records requested by the House investigation.

While Trump maintains he can assert executive privilege over some records to keep them secret, more are set to be turned over to the House next week. Trump has not returned to court on the topic since the Supreme Court denied his emergency request last month.

The case that was before the Supreme Court dealt with a specific set of documents being sought by the committee, meaning that Trump could still challenge other attempts to get information about his presidency that he wants to stay secret.