A family takes refuge in a metro station serving as a bomb shelter in Kyiv.
CNN  — 

As the war in Ukraine hits the one-year mark, civilians inside the country and those who’ve fled desperately need humanitarian aid.

In recent months, Russian attacks dramatically degraded Ukraine’s power and heating infrastructure, leaving many to struggle for electricity and gas supplies.

The UNHCR estimates more than 6.5 million Ukrainians are internally displaced right now and over 7.8 million refugees have left the country.

“The war in Ukraine is a humanitarian disaster for all people. The onset of winter dramatically increases life threatening risks faced both by refugees who have been forced to flee the country and especially for the millions of people who have been uprooted inside Ukraine itself and are trying to survive in their damaged homes, often without heat and electricity or water,” Christopher Boian, UNHCR Spokesperson told CNN.

Boian says that teams are working in various ways to provide aid and help people throughout the winter. Teams are “repairing homes damaged in the conflict, delivering thermal blankets, clothing and providing other basic life essentials including emergency cash assistance.”

Aid groups like the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) are also expanding their relief efforts as Ukraine marks one year of war in the midst of winter.

“As a new stage in the Ukraine crisis has begun, we have moved from a program of winter relief to winter survival. Among the tens of thousands of Jews we care for in Ukraine, we are seeing a drastic uptick in needs, from sources of sustainable warmth to covering the costs of living every day,” said JDC CEO Ariel Zwang.

So far, CNN audiences have donated over $8 million to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine, but as the war continues and the temperatures drop more support is needed.

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