Newly discovered rainbow-colored fish lives in the ocean's 'twilight zone'

The male rose-veiled fairy wrasse showcases a stunning variety of colors as an adult.

(CNN)Far beneath the waves surrounding the Maldives, there's a living rainbow in the ocean's "twilight zone." Say hello to the rose-veiled fairy wrasse, a colorful species of fish that's new to science.

The fish, which bears the scientific name Cirrhilabrus finifenmaa, was found living at depths ranging from 131 to 229 feet (40 to 70 meters) beneath the ocean's surface.
The name honors the fish's stunning pink hues, as well as the pink rose, the national flower of the Maldives. "Finifenmaa" means "rose" in the local Dhivehi language.
    The waters of the Maldives are home to a hundreds of species of fish.
    While hundreds of species thrive in the waters near and surrounding the archipelago nation, this is the first fish to be described by a Maldivian scientist -- Ahmed Najeeb. A study describing the fish published Tuesday in the journal ZooKeys.
      "It has always been foreign scientists who have described species found in the Maldives without much involvement from