Golfer Hudson Swafford left bewildered after club head flies off mid-shot at the Masters

CNN  — 

Golfers will prepare for every eventuality before playing in a major.

But Hudson Swafford could never have expected what happened to him at the Masters on Friday.

Hitting his second on the historic par-five 13th hole, the US golfer lined up to hit his iron shot from the fairway.

He swung, connected with the ball, and the ball flew in the correct direction.

However, much to Swafford’s bemusement, the head of his club flew off the end of his club, leaving the bewildered golfer holding the shaft and handle of his club.

Television cameras caught the world No. 79 turning to his caddie, asking what happened with his arms aloft.

Amazingly, and as a display of a professional golfer’s skills, the ball still managed to fly over Rae’s Creek which lies at the front of the 13th green.

Remarkably, Swafford was able to salvage a par and ensure his round did not completely unravel.

He might be down a club head, but Swafford will be counting his blessings, as his ball is still in play.