Ukrainian Easter Eggs from the exhibition "The Pysanka: A Symbol Of Hope," at the Ukrainian Institute of America in New York.

Opinion: 'Mystical, beautiful' Easter Eggs bring the resilience of Ukraine to life

Updated 0107 GMT (0907 HKT) April 17, 2022

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(CNN)An American-born daughter of Ukrainian refugees, Sofika Zielyk has dedicated her life to keeping the heritage of her parents' homeland alive. The artist and ethnographer specializes in creating and curating pysanky -- traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs decorated in painstaking detail, each one a dazzling gem.

The art of creating pysanky goes back centuries: Patterns are applied with a stylus onto an egg with melted beeswax. The egg is repeatedly dipped in colored dye as the design becomes increasingly intricate. What emerges is a fragile, exquisite work of art.
Artist Sofika Zielyk
As Russian President Vladimir Putin presses forward with his violent campaign of bombarding Ukrainian towns and cities in a bid to dominate Ukraine's people and erase its culture, Zielyk and others in the Ukrainian diaspora are embracing pysanky as more than a springtime ritual of renewal. They say it is a symbol of U