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Politico’s explosive scoop about a draft opinion revealing that the Supreme Court had voted to overturn Roe v. Wade has become the most-trafficked story in the outlet’s 15-year history, a spokesperson for the outlet told CNN on Friday.

The article, written by Josh Gerstein and Alexander Ward, had originally published just after 8:30pm ET Monday evening. The Politico spokesperson said that the story had become the site’s most-viewed article by 9:00am ET on Tuesday.

By Friday afternoon, the story had nearly reached 11 million views, the spokesperson added.

The outlet’s first tweet about the story had more than triple the impressions Politico normally sees an entire month on Twitter, the spokesperson said.

After Politico reported on the draft opinion, Chief Justice John Roberts verified its authenticity and said the court would investigate how it leaked.

Politico’s previous most-trafficked story was about how National Guardsmen were forced to vacate the Capitol after January 6.

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