Fragment of the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs may have been found

This amber may contain a piece of the asteroid that struck Earth 66 million years ago.

(CNN)A tiny fragment of the asteroid that hit Earth 66 million years ago may have been found encased in amber -- a discovery NASA has described as "mind-blowing."

It's one of several astounding finds at a unique fossil site in the Hell Creek Formation in North Dakota that has preserved remnants of the cataclysmic moment that ended the dinosaur era -- a turning point in the history of the planet.
The fossils unearthed there include fish that sucked in debris blasted out during the strike, a turtle impaled with a stick and a leg that might have belonged to a dinosaur that witnessed the asteroid strike.
    The story of the discoveries is revealed in a new documentary called "Dinosaur Apocalypse," which features naturalist Sir David Attenborough and paleontologist Robert DePalma and airs Wednesday on the PBS show "Nova."
      Palaeontologist Robert DePalma is pictured at the Tanis dig site in North Dakota.

      The ultimate bad day

      DePalma, a postgraduate researcher at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom and adjunct professor for the Florida Atlantic University's geosciences department, first started working at Tanis, as the fossil site is known, in 2012.
      The dusty, exposed plains starkly contrast with what the site would have looked like at th