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CNN reporter leaves Shanghai after 50-day lockdown
04:38 - Source: CNN
Shanghai CNN  — 

Over the hum of jet engines, I could hear the flight attendant comforting a fellow passenger seated a couple of rows behind me. “You’re out, and you’re safe now,” she said warmly.

Our plane had just taken off from Shanghai, a city of gleaming high-rises, home to 25 million people who are slowly being worn down by China’s unrelenting zero-Covid regime.

As she approached my row, the flight attendant addressed me with the same concerned tone. “You got out with this little guy, I see,” she said, glancing at my rescue dog, Chairman, asleep in his carry case under the seat in front me. “How did you do it? And how are you feeling?” she asked.

Chairman spent the flight in his carry case.

It caught me off guard. As a journalist, I’m usually the one asking those types of questions. But on this flight, I was of the few who had managed to navigate the complex process of securing a one-way ticket out of Shanghai’s oppressive Covid lockdown.

Right now, expats who want to