What happens when the royals go on holiday?

Diana and Prince Charles enjoy a summer holiday in Majorca on board King Juan Carlos of Spain's yacht in 1990.
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London (CNN)As summer reaches its height in the UK and Europe, millions of people are heading off on vacation or taking some time away from work to catch up with friends and relatives.

And that includes the royals. July and August are typically quiet months in the royal calendar, as members of the clan take a break from their heavy schedule of public duties. 
Suddenly, the jetsetting and hectic timetable of public appearances, speeches and royal tours stops -- and members go off-grid.
    But how easy is it for the royal family to truly get away from it all -- and what happens on a royal holiday?
      The most famous vacation destination for the royals is Balmoral Castle in Scotland, where the Queen spends her summers and where numerous family get-togethers have taken place.
      While at Balmoral, the monarch has been pictured enjoying country walks, riding horses and hosting picnics with her family. "It's the most beautiful place on earth ... and I think Granny is most happy there," Princess Eugenie said in a 2016 ITV documentary.
      Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip picnic with three of their children outside Balmoral in 1960.
      But royals also look to go further afield. The Queen's late sister, Princess Margaret, spent long holidays on Mustique, an island in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean. 
        Her connection with the island began in 1960 when she saw it while cruising the Caribbean on the royal yacht, Britannia. Its owner, Colin Tennant, gave her a 10-acre plot as a wedding present, and she later used her island villa as a retreat from the glare of the media and to host parties in the company of celebrities.
        Many royals have also been partial to a cold weather retreat. Prince Philip took his children Princess Anne and Prince Charles on a skiing trip to Liechtenstein in 1965, and Diana, Princess of Wales regularly treated her boys William and Harry to some adventures on the slopes.
        Diana with William and Harry on a ski trip in 1995.
        And sometimes, romance flourishes during royal getaways. When Prince Harry introduced Meghan Markle as his fiancée in 2017, he told reporters about their romantic trip to Botswana, where they camped under the stars, away from prying eyes.
        That visit was clearly an important one for the couple. Their time in the country was even represented on Meghan's engagement ring, which featured a diamond from the southern African nation. 
        Harry's romantic story is not dissimilar to that of his brother, William, who proposed to Kate Middleton during a getaway at a log cabin in the shadow of Mount Kenya. The couple got engaged while staying at a rustic hideaway near a sprawling animal reserve where rhinos and giraffes roam freely.
        With so many memories made while privately touring the world, it's little wonder the royals cherish their holidays as much as the rest of us.
        Last December, William and Kate released a photo from their family trip to Jordan. We don't yet know where the royals are heading for their vacations this year, but after a busy period over the Queen's Jubilee weekend last month, there's no doubt they'll enjoy setting up their out-of-office emails.
        Last December, the Cambridges took a break in Jordan.