liz cheney wyoming house republican primary
Jackson, Wyoming CNN  — 

Six years ago, when Rep. Liz Cheney first ran for Wyoming’s lone House seat, Nicholas Houfek said he saw the long-time Virginia resident, who had purchased a home in Jackson Hole four years earlier, as a “carpetbagger.”

Now, Houfek, a registered Republican who works in real estate, is staunchly behind Cheney in Tuesday’s primary against Harriet Hageman and three other candidates.

He asked Cheney’s campaign for a yard sign, which he and his wife Payson Houfek proudly display in their front yard. The two said many of their Democratic friends in the area have switched their party registration to vote for Cheney.

“This is not the Republican Party my dad and grandpa supported,” Nicholas Houfek said. “I support Cheney because she actually supports the election results. She’s a true Republican and always has been.”