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German finance minister: 'Germany can't be blackmailed'
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Dortmund, Germany CNN Business  — 

People on the frontlines of Europe’s gas crisis are scrambling to get solar panels for their homes and businesses as they confront a “perfect storm” that’s sending energy prices to record levels.

In the first six months of this year, Germany saw a 22% jump in the installation of solar systems, compared with the same period last year, according to data shared with CNN Business by the German Solar Association. This included residential and commercial uses, from small installations on private rooftops to large solar farms, the group said.

For companies in the renewable energy industry, that has created a major rush in sales — and an additional strain on supply chains.

Demand for solar power was already on the rise in Europe’s biggest economy, as energy prices surged, policy incentives were introduced and adoption of the technology became more mainstream. But more recently, consumers have also faced ever higher utility bills, scorching temperatures, and renewed anxiety over whether they’ll be able to keep the heat on this winter.