CNN 10 out of 10

CNN 10 is a daily news show for students over 13 and other viewers who want to learn about current events and global issues in 10 minutes or less. Our mission is to break down complicated news stories with easy-to-understand explanations from CNN reporters all over the world. We represent all sides of a story equally: no opinion; no slant; just the facts. And we have a little fun while doing it!

Where can I find CNN 10?

You can view the show ad-free with no sign up or subscription needed on our CNN 10 page. Or it is available on CNN 10’s YouTube channel.

If you are a teacher using this in a classroom, it is recommended you preview each episode.

How do I get advance information about each day’s show?

Teachers and parents can sign up for our CNN 10 newsletter, which offers information on the major stories we’ll be covering each day. You can also check the daily transcript to see what stories are in the show.

How do I offer feedback about CNN 10?

Email us at with your suggestions and input.

How do I get a shoutout for my classroom?

We give a shout out to one school at the end of every CNN 10 episode. Parents and teachers may submit requests for their schools in the comments on our YouTube page. For legal reasons, CNN 10 cannot accept shout out requests from anyone under the age of 13.