Fort Myers Timelapse Web Cam 01
Timelapse shows hurricane storm surge flood streets in Fort Myers
00:53 - Source: CNN
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Hurricane Ian shredded the roof of a Port Charlotte intensive care unit, flooding the hospital ward and turning a stairwell into a waterfall.

In Fort Myers, a 10-foot storm surge tossed cars around like bath toys and left them “smashed up in the street.”

The catastrophic hurricane turned cities into lakes and left a trail of destruction that defies imagination.

These are some of the stories emerging from Florida’s battered west coast:

‘Cars are everywhere, smashed up in the street’

Pieces of homes and cars are strewn across Fort Myers Beach on Thursday.

Scott Carlos thought he would be safe from flooding in his fourth-floor condo. He was wrong.

Ian hurled 10-foot storm surges toward his Fort Myers home, submerging large swaths of his neighborhood.

“We actually had water coming into my fourth-story condo, just from the spray … and waves crashing into the building,” Carlos said.

“The whole parking lot is completely destroyed.”

At one point, he said, the water was “at least 10 feet high on the east side of us, which is right across the street from the beach.”

As he surveyed his neighborhood after the storm, he noticed “debris everywhere.”

“Everyone’s garages basically just gave out,” Carlos said. “Cars are everywhere, smashed up in the street. Most of them actually went across the street.”

Stranded residents are plucked from rooftops