03 new Tupperware
New York CNN Business  — 

Tupperware containers will now be available at Target, in a major shift for the 76-year-old brand.

Generally the company has sold its plastic food storage containers solely through in-home “Tupperware parties” or its own website — save a few brief and limited pilot programs with retailers HomeGoods, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target itself.

Starting Monday, however, shoppers can find Tupperware in Target (TGT) stores nationwide and on Target (TGT).com in a variety of container sizes and container bundles priced at $7.99 to $79.99.

CEO Miguel Fernandez announced the launch via a LinkedIn post, and the news follows Tupperware’s June launch on Amazon.

It’s part of Tupperware’s bigger strategy to reinvent the brand, with plans to grow the business through multiple retail channels and get its products in front of younger consumers who never experienced the era of Tupperware parties.

Tupperware for the first time in its history is selling its products in a retail store.

The “party” format was historically the only way shoppers could buy Tupperware. It was a direct marketing event, typically organized by a woman and hosted in a customer’s home or her own — so she could sell Tupperware products and earn commissions.

Over the last seven decades, the retail environment has changed dramatically. But Tupperware parties will still happen too.