Giant Cheeto Sculpture 1
Giant roadside Cheeto attracts a crowd
01:50 - Source: CNN
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The bright orange, sticky residue that Cheetos leave on your fingertips has now been immortalized – by a 17-foot statue in Alberta, Canada.

The Cheetos brand erected the statue of a hand holding a massive Cheeto, complete with orange fingertips, in Cheadle, Alberta. The community was chosen because of its name’s similarity to “cheetle,” the company’s official name for Cheeto dust, according to a news release from Cheetos.

“Cheetos fans have always known that the delicious, cheesy dust on their fingertips is an unmistakably delicious part of the Cheetos experience, but now it officially has a name: Cheetle,” said Lisa Allie, the senior marketing director at PepsiCo Foods Canada, which distributes Cheetos in the country.

“We’re excited to be celebrating Cheetle and Canadians’ cheesy, Cheetle-dusted fingertips on such a grand scale and in such a uniquely mischievous way.”

The statue stands almost 17 feet tall.

But the unique piece of art won’t stay in Cheadle forever, according to the news release. Cheadle residents and visitors can check out the big, cheesy fingers until November 4. Then, the monument will embark on a tour of other locations in Canada.

Cheadle is a hamlet located in Alberta’s Wheatland County. Its population is tiny: just 83 people lived there in 2021, according to Canada’s census for that year.