The Georgia house used as the Creel family home in Netflix's 'Stranger Things' was constructed in 1882.
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“Stranger Things” superfans can now live in the very same house where Season 4 villain Vecna first developed his supernatural powers, if they dare.

Warning: there are spoilers for Season 4 of “Stranger Things” ahead.

Vecna, the antagonist of Season 4 of Netflix’s hit series “Stranger Things,” started off as a regular boy named Henry Creel. The series documents his upbringing in the Creel home through flashbacks. He slowly realizes he has psychokinetic powers and begins using them to hurt and eventually kill his mother and sister.

The real-life house used as the Creel home in the show is a 140-year-old mansion located in Rome, Georgia. The home is officially for sale for $1.5 million, according to the listing.

The residence was constructed in 1882 by Colonel Hamilton Yancey, according to the listing. Many of the home’s original details, like handcrafted bookshelves and an antique wall safe, are still in place.

And Vecna isn’t the only strange thing about the house: It also features a cast-iron urinal.

The 6,000 square foot home has seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms, according to the listing. There’s also a guesthouse behind the main house.

But you won’t find Vecna on the premises anymore.

“Not to worry, the previous resident of the third floor has since been relocated by a single exterminator - we think,” the listing said.