Adam Scott, seen here at the Golden Globes in 2023, finally talked with an old 'Boy Meets World' cast member about a perceived on-set snub.
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Well, that’s awkward.

Adam Scott went on the “Boy Meets World” rewatch podcast, “Pod Meets World,” on Sunday and jokingly confronted Danielle Fishel, Rider Strong and Will Friedle about a moment on set that he said he still thinks about decades later.

Scott was a recurring character on the popular ’90s sitcom, in which he played delinquent Griff Hawkins.

The particular moment that Scott recalled happened while the cast was on set filming the season 2 finale. The episode in question aired in 1995.

Scott said that as everyone on set erupted in cheers to celebrate the end of the season, he went up to Strong to give him a high-five and a hug, only to be rebuffed by Strong.

Scott explained that Strong pushed him off and gave him “this look like, ‘Wait a second. Who the f**k are you?’”

Scott said Strong then ran away from him.

Adam Scott as Griff Hawkins in an episode of "Boy Meets World."

“Literally, this has been tugging on me for 29 years,” Scott said.

Strong claimed that he didn’t remember the moment and even questioned, “Why would I do that?”

Fishel and Friedle’s jaws dropped and laughter ensued.

Relieved, Scott concluded that he was glad Strong had no recollection of the snub because “to some extent, that means it wasn’t a traumatic experience.”

In the words of the great Mr. Feeny: “I love you all. Class dismissed.”