James Gunn, seen here during Comic-Con International in San Diego last July, is presenting his new plans for DC.
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James Gunn has delivered on his promise to update DC comics enthusiasts, film nerds and the world at large with his plans for the next phase of the DC Universe.

In a video testimonial posted to Twitter along with a media release shared online on Tuesday, Gunn – who became co-CEO of DC Studios with Peter Safran last year – presented several new titles, including a new Superman movie due in 2025 titled “Superman: Legacy,” and “The Brave and the Bold,” which will introduce “Batman and Robin in this unusual father-son story inspired by Grant Morrison’s comic series.” (CNN and DC Studios are both part of Warner Bros. Discovery.)

“Superman: Legacy,” which is moving ahead without previous “Man of Steel” actor Henry Cavill, will “focus on Superman balancing his Kryptonian heritage with his human upbringing,” according to the DC announcement.

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Other film content includes a sci-fi epic titled “Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow,” and a more horror-themed origin movie for DC character Swamp Thing.

TV series coming from the new team of creators led by Gunn will feature “Waller,” starring Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, who has appeared in the “Suicide Squad” movies as well as last year’s “Peacemaker” series on HBO Max.

In his video, Gunn explained that the studio’s plans are part of an effort to make the DCU more cohesive, with the same actors playing celebrated legacy characters across film and television. He cited the studio’s next films, starting with March’s “Shazam! Fury of the Gods” and “The Flash” in June, as the way the entire superhero universe will be “reset,” thereby allowing for new content and new versions of celebrated characters.

Gunn also specified that other DC content in the works – like new series and sequels based on Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” from last year, starring Robert Pattinson, and Todd Phillips’ “Joker” sequel with Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga – are distinct from the DCU, and are in fact part of something called DC Elseworlds.

If you’re still with us, you may in fact be a superhero – “Up, up, and away!” as Gunn tweeted.