'You know why.' Jurgen Klopp refuses to answer journalist's question

    Liverpool has conceded more goals in the Premier League this season than in the whole of last season.

    (CNN)To say this has been a disappointing season for Liverpool would be an understatement. On recent results alone, the club is in crisis.

    A humiliating 3-0 loss to relegation-threatened Wolverhampton Wanderers Saturday was the team's third successive loss on the road in the league.
    And after the defeat, which leaves Liverpool 10th in the league -- a huge 21 points behind league leaders Arsenal -- manager Jurgen Klopp refused to answer a question from a reporter at the post-match press conference.
      Asked by the journalist whether the team's poor start in games was a "mentality thing," Klopp replied: "It's very difficult to talk to you if I'm 100 percent honest. I would prefer not to do that. You know why, for all the things you wrote. If somebody else wants to ask that question, then I'll answer it."
        It is the first time since 2012 that Liverpool has lost three successive away games in the Premier League.