This fan has shaped anti-discrimination policy in Australian cricket after alleging racial abuse at a match

    Krishna Kumar attends the 2021 test match between Australia and India in Sydney.

    (CNN)Two years after alleging he was racially abused at a cricket match, an Indian fan has had a hand in shaping how the sport tackles discrimination in Australia.

    Krishna Kumar was attending the third day of the 2021 test match between Australia and India at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) when he heard chants of "curry munchers" aimed at Indian players and fans.
    He returned to the SCG on the fifth day of the test, when, he says, he was racially profiled by security staff.
      According to Kumar, that included being told to "go back to where you came from" by a member of staff who was examining the anti-racism banners he had hoped to take into the ground.
        He also said he was subjected to an "unnecessary" two-and-a-half-minute frisking with a metal detector and what he felt was a stricter security presence for Indian fans once inside the stadium.
        In the aftermath of the match, Kumar, who lives in Sydney with his wife and two children, launched two complaints: one with Cricket Australia (CA), the sport's national governing body, and another with Venues NSW, which owns the SCG.
        At first, he says, progress was slow and answers were not forthcoming.
          "By the time we closed the complaints, it was March or April 2022, so it almost took 14 to 15 months of back and forth and back and forth," Kumar tells CNN Sports. "It took a toll a bit in terms of your mental health."
          Krishna Kumar waves the Indian flag during the test match between Australia and India.