Kobe Bryant's MVP No. 24 jersey sells for $5.8 million

    The market value of Kobe Bryant's No. 24 jersey had been estimated at $5-7 million.

    (CNN)A rare Kobe Bryant jersey from the Los Angeles Lakers star's only MVP season sold for $5.8 million Thursday, according to a tweet from Sotheby's.

    The auction house said the sale marks "the most valuable Bryant item ever sold at auction and second most valuable basketball jersey ever sold."
    The market value of the No. 24 jersey had been estimated at $5-7 million.
      Sotheby's described the jersey as a "sports artifact" which has become "synonymous" with the image of the NBA star.
        An iconic photo of Bryant grabbing his jersey after clinching a 14-point lead against the Denver Nuggets during the 2008 NBA playoffs has been captured and recreated endless times.
        Its likeness spans murals across Los Angeles and the US, is frequently reprinted on Lakers memorabilia, and has become a symbol of the basketball star's determination and passion.