Spain will offer citizenship to freed political prisoners from Nicaragua

Felix Maradiaga hugs his daughter Alejandra, after arriving from Nicaragua at Washington Dulles International Airport, in Chantilly, on February 9.

(CNN)Spain will offer a path to citizenship for 222 Nicaraguan political prisoners who were recently released from prison and many of whom were sent to the United States on Thursday, a spokesman for Spain's Ministry of Foreign Affairs told CNN.

The spokesman did not immediately respond to a CNN question regarding the details of the offer, including how quickly they could receive citizenship. The spokesman spoke on the condition of anonymity, citing local professional norms.
Questions have mounted on the fate of the more than 200 new arrivals to the US, who were also stripped of their Nicaraguan citizenship on Thursday.
    Their release followed years of repression by the Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega. The authoritarian leader has jailed dozens of opposition figures and activists, particularly in the lead up to the last elections in November of 2021.
      US State Department spokesperson Ned Price said Thursday that the individuals, who all flew to Dulles International airport in Washington, will be granted humanitarian parole for two years, allowing them to remain US and giving them the time to apply for asylum if they wish.
      Each of the individuals who left Nicaragua "voluntarily consented to travel," and "there were two individuals who, on their own volition, chose not to travel to the United States," Price said.
      Among the released prisoners is one American, according to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who welcomed their move, calling it a product of American diplomacy.