Jake Tapper: I wouldn't change being a Philly fan for anything

    They might have a certain reputation, but Jake Tapper wouldn't trade anything in the world for being a Philly sports fan.

    (CNN)By now, if you watch The Lead or State of the Union, you may have noticed my giant, obnoxious dark green Eagles mug.

    Yes, I'm a long-suffering Philly sports fan, though truth be told we haven't been suffering all that much recently.
    My fandom (phan-dom?) first peaked in the early 1980s with the Phillies win in 1980 when I was 11, Eagles NFC Championship (then Super Bowl loss to the Raiders...) in 1981 and Sixers championship in 1983. The devotion my friends and I had to these teams at the time seemed sweet and innocent.
      Ron Jaworski led the 1981 Eagles against the Oakland Raiders at Super Bowl XV, but it wasn't a pleasant memory for Tapper.
      And then because of how apps made it easier to follow sports in the last five or so years, I have been brought back to that mindset: boyish, childlike, my happiness rising or falling depending upon a team's performance beyond any rational thought. Right in time for these teams to achieve a convergence of excellence.
        If you're not from Philly, maybe you don't care. Maybe, you don't like us and find it all off-putting. As Eagles center Jason Kelce put it in 2018 after our glorious Super Bowl victory against the villainous Tom Brady-led Patriots, "No one likes us. We don't care."