Medical aid workers describe 'targeted' attack that killed American volunteer in Bakhmut

A bloodied Norwegian paramedic, who was about to treat an injured civilian when a missile hit next to him in Bakhmut, runs to safety.

Eastern Ukraine (CNN)Regaining consciousness in a cloud of smoke, Simon Johnsen heard a loud whistling in his ears. He checked to see if he still had all his body parts.

Next to him, fellow medic Pete Reed was dead. So was the civilian Ukrainian woman whose injuries they had come to treat.
It was lunchtime on Thursday, February 2, in Bakhmut, in Ukraine's eastern Donetsk region and a Russian missile had struck just feet from where the two were about to administer aid.
    Johnsen, a medic from Norway, and a group of other volunteers had arrived on the scene just moments earlier.
      Speaking to CNN, they describe the attack as a prime example of Russia targeting medics and frontline helpers in so-called "double-taps": hitting a target, waiting a few minutes for first responders to arrive, and then hitting the same spot again.
      Video footage from the scene, shown to CNN, shows the incoming missile hitting Reed's team's makeshift ambulance.