The benefits of 'body doubling' when you have ADHD, according to experts

Having someone work alongside you could give you the motivation and focus you need to get things done.
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(CNN)Once a week, ADHD coach Robin Nordmeyer joins a Zoom meeting of other coaches while she writes blogs, does administrative tasks or works on content for presentations she has been putting off. Nordmeyer, who has ADHD, isn't necessarily using the meeting to collaborate with others — she just needs their presence as a motivator to help her get things done.

"I run a business, and I have to balance lots of different areas of the business," said Nordmeyer, cofounder and managing director of the Center for Living Well with ADHD-Minnesota, an ADHD coaching group near Minneapolis serving all ages.
"Some of those things come very easy — like, they're in my wheelhouse, they energize me, I can't wait to get to them," Nordmeyer said. "And some of those things are a little more tedious, or I have some resistance around them."