Patrick Mahomes enters historic territory after second Super Bowl title in burgeoning career

    Is Patrick Mahomes on track to become one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time?

    (CNN)Sometimes, you need a little reminder of greatness. Sure, new players come along with their own skills and talents, but the established greats show you why they are not to be overlooked.

    Many have grown used to Patrick Mahomes' magic, but Sunday's Super Bowl LVII victory was just a little reminder of the man's greatness.
    Despite a serious ankle injury and facing arguably the league's best defense, Mahomes was able to add to his ever-growing list of extraordinary displays in the Kansas City Chiefs' 38-35 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.
      And at 27 years old, he is entering rarefied territory.
        With the victory, Mahomes became the only quarterback in NFL history to win two league MVP awards and two Super Bowls in the first six years of his career. He also made history by becoming the first Black quarterback to win multiple Super Bowl titles.
        While others might have longevity on him, he's already being anointed as one of the game's greats.
        Just ask one of his favorite targets, Travis Kelce -- his touchdown catch from Mahomes was their 14th touchdown playoff connection as a pair, the second most in postseason history -- who said the quarterback will be the "best to ever do it when it's all said and done" and is the "best to do it right now."
          He's even come up with an apt nickname for Mahomes, coining him "M-V-Pat" immediately after victory in Arizona.
          As ever though, Mahomes stayed his humble self. "I mean, I told y'all before this season, we got coach Andy Reid, we got guys like Travis Kelce, Chris Jones, Frank Clark," Mahomes said.
          "We're gonna be the Kansas City Chiefs! At the end of the day, we're gonna be the Kansas City Chiefs, and we're gonna celebrate this right here, baby! We're gonna celebrate this the right way!"
          Mahomes celebrates a touchdown against the Eagles.