UEFA, European soccer's governing body, 'primarily responsible' for 2022 Champions League final chaos, report finds

    Liverpool fans ahead of the 2022 Champions League Final, where chaotic scenes took place.

    (CNN)An independent review panel commissioned by UEFA to investigate the 2022 Champions League Final has found that European soccer's governing body bears "primary responsibility" for the failures of organization that caused chaos and safety risks outside the Stade de France in Paris, the report released on Monday said.

    The panel agreed the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid last May was a "near-miss: a term when an event almost turns into a mass fatality catastrophe" and identified failures by UEFA, exacerbated by missteps by Parisian Préfecture de Police and the French Football Federation (FFF).
    "The UEFA 'model' for organising the UCLF22 was defective in that there was an absence of overall control or oversight of safety and security ... UEFA should have retained a monitoring and oversight role, to ensure it all worked," the report said.
      The match on May 28 of last year was delayed by more than 35 minutes after Liverpool fans struggled to ente