Aaron Rodgers is starting his darkness retreat this week -- and he might film it

    Speculation has swirled as to what Rodgers' next steps will be, but the quarterback is taking the retreat to "have a better sense of where I'm at in my life."

    (CNN)Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is preparing to undertake his darkness retreat, which will take place at the "end of this week."

    "I'm doing a darkness retreat later this week, I'm excited about it, I didn't realize how much it would take off," he told Pat McAfee on Tuesday, adding that the trip has been planned for months.
    Last week, Rodgers revealed to McAfee he would be taking the retreat, where he will be in in total darkness for four days and nights -- though he could leave at any point if he wishes to do so -- and added that the whole experience can produce hallucinations similar to the psychedelic drug dimethyltryptamine (DMT).
      On Tuesday, four-time MVP Rodgers gave McAfee more details on what the retreat will entail, noting that he will eat once a day during his stay and hinted that he would "possibly" film the experience.
        Rodgers said he had received some judgement about his plans to take the retreat, but said that similar things "work for me."
        The quarterback also pushed back on the judgment he said he received when news came out about his retreat.
        "For me, this is the thing that work(s) for me. I've done many similar things to this -- I haven't done this specific darkness retreat, but I've done many meditation retreats and yoga retreats, things that have stimulated my mind and helped me get in a better headspace and have a greater peace in my life," he said.