Paul Rudd, here on Feb. 16, recently reflected on his "Friends" experience.
CNN  — 

Marvel star Paul Rudd is everywhere now, but there was a time when he felt like he really didn’t belong.

The “Ant-Man” and regular in Judd Apatow’s films says his time as Lisa Kudrow’s partner, Mike Hannigan, on “Friends” turned into an appearance in the final episode of one of the biggest sitcoms in TV history.

In an interview with “The Heart” breakfast show, Rudd said, “It was really fun, and they were great! The whole thing was a bit surreal, I must say, to be a part of that — because I came on really at the end.”

He continued: “I never knew that I was going to be in as many [episodes] as I was. But it also felt strange. I was in that last episode, and I just thought, ‘I shouldn’t be here. I’m getting a front-row seat to things I’m not supposed to see.’ They were all crying, it was all emotional, and I was just like, ‘woah!’”

Rudd also briefly appeared in the “Friends” reunion special in 2021, talking about his time as Phoebe Buffay’s boyfriend, alongside Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer.