The most outrageous golf outfits of all time

CNN  — 

There have been a lot of dull outfits on the fairways over the years – monochrome colors, polo shirts, and plain caps galore. Sometimes a flock of enthusiastic fans in Tiger onesies is the height of stylistic expression at a PGA Tour event.

Yet every now and then, a budding fairway fashionista pushes the envelope and makes a wardrobe decision that proves that golf can, in fact, serve up some memorable looks.

Whether they are memorable for the right reasons is another debate entirely. While Payne Stewart’s sartorial elegance and seemingly bottomless wardrobe of knickers saw his fashion reputation transcend golf, there was also the wearable eyesore that was Team USA’s 1999 Ryder Cup outfit – so bad that Tiger Woods confessed to burning it for warmth.

Some looks became a signature. Head to toe in fluorescent orange? Had to be Rickie Fowler. Cowboy hat and belt? Shingo Katayama was in town. And for absolutely everything in between, the unmatched John Daly – perhaps the only golfer in history you could bank on to make the fashion statement at whichever event he was playing that week.

Scroll through the gallery above to explore some of the most unforgettable outfits in men’s golf.