Peru offers $13,000 to families who lost loved ones in protests

People carry a casket before burying 34-year-old John Henry Mendoza, who died from two bullets to the chest, following protests in Ayacucho.

(CNN)Peru's government is offering families who lost a relative during nationwide protests between December 8 and February 10 around $13,000 in financial support, according to a decree published by the official newspaper "El Peruano" on Tuesday.

Each family will be granted approximately $13,000 US dollars (50,000 nuevos soles), while the injured will receive half this amount, or $6,500 US dollars (25,000 nuevos soles), according to the decree.
The payments have been categorized as financial help for civilians and policemen and are not considered as reparations, the decree adds.
    Amnesty International criticized the government for not taking responsibility for the deaths in a statement.
      "Economic assistance to the people killed and injured is a duty by the State due to the families' patrimonial affectation but does not exempt (the state) of the responsibility to look for truth, justice, and reparation for the victims for the abuse of their human rights," it wrote on Twitter.
      There has been at least 60 protest-related deaths, many of whom come from rural areas of the country.