NBA star James Harden speaks with hospitalized Michigan State student paralyzed in mass shooting

    The Philadelphia 76ers' James Harden plays in a game Thursday in Philadelphia.

    (CNN)Philadelphia 76ers star James Harden spoke via video call Wednesday with John Hao, a fan of Harden's and one of the Michigan State University students wounded in a mass shooting on campus last week.

    A video shared with CNN by Harden's management team shows the NBA star giving words of encouragement to Hao, who remains hospitalized.
    "Everything will work itself out. You're strong," Harden says during their conversation. "Keep pushing and keep fighting."
      Hao was among those shot at Michigan State's campus in East Lansing on February 13. The shooting killed three students and wounded at least five others, officials said.
        A bullet severed Hao's spinal cord and critically injured his lungs, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down, according to a verified GoFundMe started for his family.