Canada Soccer president quits, acknowledges 'change' required as contract negotiations continue

    Former Canada Soccer President Nick Bontis holding up the George Gross Memorial Trophy.

    (CNN)Canada Soccer president Nick Bontis announced his resignation on Monday, acknowledging "change" is required as its national team programs' collective bargaining negotiations continue.

    Bontis, who was elected to the position in November 2020, left his post in the wake of a letter from the 13 members of the provincial and territorial organizations, a group known as the Presidents Forum, requesting his resignation -- citing a loss in faith of his ability to lead the organization -- according to Canadian sports television network TSN.
    "Canada Soccer and both of our National Team Programs have the real potential to sign a historic collective bargaining agreement. Once signed, it will be a landmark deal that will set our nation apart from virtually every other FIFA Member Association," Bontis said in a written statement Monday.
      "While I have been one of the biggest proponents of equalizing the com