Aaron Rodgers is still keeping everyone in the dark about his future after retreat

    Aaron Rodgers says a decision on his future will be made "soon."

    (CNN)After emerging from his darkness retreat, it's still not known what Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will do in the future, saying in an interview that he will "make a decision soon enough."

    "It's best for anybody who has an interest in this to make a decision sooner rather than later," Rodgers said in an interview on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast.
    "I remember when (Brett) Favre, before he retired, there were times where it was in April and May, we weren't sure if he was going to come back because he didn't come to any of the offseason program.
      "Then in 2008, he actually did retire in March and then kind of said, 'No, no, no,' in June after OTAs, 'I actually want to come back and play.' That's when he was traded to the Jets. There was obviously a lot of tension that summer.
        "For everybody involved, directly and indirectly, it's best for a decision earlier."

        Darkness retreat

        Earlier this month, Rodgers announced he was heading to a "darkness retreat" shortly after the Super Bowl.
          He said he would be in total darkness for four days and nights -- though he could leave at any point if he wished to do so -- and added that the whole experience could prod