Pennsylvania man arrested after allegedly trying to bring explosives in his suitcase on a flight

An airport surveillance camera image shows alleged suspect Marc Muffley at Lehigh Valley International Airport, according to an FBI affidavit.

(CNN)Federal agents arrested a Pennsylvania man this week after he allegedly tried to bring explosives in his suitcase on a flight from Lehigh Valley International Airport to Florida.

Marc Muffley, 40, faces two charges, according to a federal complaint, including possession of an explosive in an airport and possessing or attempting to place an explosive or incendiary device on an aircraft.
A federal judge Thursday ruled that Muffley remain in custody pending trial, finding that he posed a danger to the community and was a flight risk. Muffley did not enter a plea during Thursday's hearing.
    According to court documents, an alarm alerted that the baggage belonging to Muffley contained explosives. Transportation Security Administration agents paged Muffley over the airport intercom system and asked him to report to the airport's security desk, prosecutors said, but he did not show up.
      Soon after, security cameras allegedly caught Muffley leaving the airport. He had checked his luggage on Flight 201 bound for Orlando Sanford International Airport, according to court documents.
      The FBI affidavit included a drivers license photo of alleged suspect Marc Muffley.
      The FBI contacted the Carbon County chief of detectives who said he knew Muffley personally, according to court documents, and confirmed that Muffley's address matched the one on his driver's license.
      "The FBI arrested Marc Muffley, 40, without incident at his Lansford, Pa., residence late Monday night," an FBI spokesperson said in a statement to CNN.
        CNN has reached out to Allegiant Air and the Lehigh Valley International Airport for comment.
        According to the complaint, an alarm alerted Muffley's baggage to TSA agents as it was being screened. Agents inspected baggage and found a "circular compound approximately three inches in diameter, wrapped in a wax-like paper and clear plastic wrap hidden in the lining of the baggage, among other items," court documents stated.
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