Hong Kong model's death and dismemberment resurfaces memories of past horrors

Police excavate a landfill during a search for the body parts of 28-year-old Abby Choi in Hong Kong on February 28.
Content warning: This story contains descriptions of violence that readers may find disturbing.

Hong Kong (CNN)The postcard image of Hong Kong is one of glitzy skyscrapers against lush mountains, dim sum restaurants and investment bankers in suits.

But in recent weeks, the international financial hub has again been in the headlines for something darker: the death of model and influencer Abby Choi, whose dismembered body parts were found along with a meat slicer and electric saw in a rental unit last month.
The death of the 28-year-old mother has not only horrified a city regularly ranked as one of the world's safest, but gripped much of the world's media with the grisly details of her alleged killing.
    For Hong Kongers, it has also resurfaced painful memories of previous cases of dismemberment in the city -- many targeting young women and almost all perpetrated by men.
      Abby Choi pictured at a fashion show in Paris, France, on January 25, 2023.
      There's the so-called "Hello Kitty" murder of 1999, when 23-year-old Fan Man-yee was abducted by gang members and brutally tortured for a month before her death and dismemberment. Her skull was eventually found sewn inside a Hello Kitty plush doll.